Life in an Ashram.

March 27th 2016 – 3 days in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

First, what is an Ashram? This is a spiritual place where you can practise yoga or meditation. You can also stay to make a retraite and take part to the Ashram’s life. Poor and  unemployed people live there. They use to work in Ashram services, teenagers can also study . Near the school, both were founded by The Mother.

This is where we were welcomed free for 3 days thanks to Dr. Ramesh Bijlani. An ideal place where life is really good and where you can ressource yourself. Its negative point is the localization. Indeed, it’s perfectly aligned to the slopes of the international airport. We practiced meditation and we helped at the kitchen in the morning. Ideal for exploring member’s lives of the Ashram.

Here, life is dicted by meals. We counted 4: breakfast, lunch , tea time and dinner. Each of them have a specific time and you should respect it. Meals are basic and we tasted same savours. However, we appreciated even spices were unusual.

Regarding our daily lives, we slept a lot because of the jet lag or the local climate. Here, temperatures are high for Europeans even if you live a not soo cold winter.

However, we went out to explore New Delhi , its people and its infrastructure. We took the metro to the Indian Gate, the French « Arc de Triomphe ». The metro is a modernity touch in this city which seems so different from occidental cities. But, New Delhi is very proud of this metro and it’s a good solution to limit the trafic. There always are too many vehicles on the road.

During this excursion, we could’t find a map of the city, so we first lost our way. How to walk 3km wherease there is only  1km  to get  to the Indian Gate… Anyway, we found a nice and very ornate monument which attracts many Indians but, with a little bit of chauvinism, can not be compared to our « Arc de Triomphe ». This door stands at the end of a long way of 2 km leading to the Presidential Palace and several ministries. To reach this Palace, we walked and declined all offers of generous Tuctucs ready to do everything to in order earn tourist’s money. We arrived in front of the Palace, but nothing seemed exceptional because it was not possible to get closer than 50m of grids surrounding the palace and separated of  several hundred of meters of the momument. We stayed there for this discovery !

Our first day in Delhi was really quiet and we didn’t discover more of this city except Ashram people. So, we chose to leave the Ashram and make our first couchsurfing. We met Gogi, our host and it was really cool.

Find our first pictures in the Gallery and don’t miss our Gogi’s adventures.

Ludo & Léo.

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