‘Unite the world’ is 12 months, 2 students all around the world.

We are two 21-year-old men who wanted to get off the beaten track and discover the world. We are currently in our 4th year of the National Institute of Sciences but we are leaving school during 12 months in order to live with world populations and get closer to the Earth’s fundaments.

Moderation: We do not really see this term quite often nowadays that is why we would like to restore this meaning by having a lifestyle wich need adaptation, resourcefulness and exchange. Our aim is to eat, to find accommodation and to move with only 5 euros per day. Thanks to that, we would face the reality of different lifestyles that society makes us forget. To share it with you would be a way to understand the society’s excesses.

Humanism: Today there are 7 billiard human beings on earth. Lots of people mean lots of traditions, cultures, languages and lifestyles. We would like to experience these differences. Besides, we would love to share this human experience with people who supported us and followed us. Thus, we have decided to make a daily report which will show men and women that we will meet, those who will help us and show us the customs of the country. Let’s learn together what humanity is and how powerful it is.

Sharing: Our main word. Sharing is hoping to have a better world. We would like to share our adventure as much as possible with people who are ready to discover it. We will realize a real documentary with a series of films, exhibitions, conferences where you will see our adventure, our meetings, our discoveries. To put it in a nutshell, all the Earth’s secrets.

We will begin our trip in March 2016. We will go to the Indian capital: New Dehli.

To be continued on this website and you will be the first to know everything.