About Us

Ludovic Malpel: 22 years old. Student. Athlete- Tri-Athlete. The initiator of the project. EXPLORATOR.

Léo Mauro- Vigroux: 22 years old. Student. Basketball player- Lifeguard. Valuable friend. ADVENTURER.

2 students: We are studying engineering for 4 years, we are both members of INSA in Toulouse since 2014. We both have a degree called ‘DUT’ in ‘Génie Mécanique’.

2 sportsmen: Léo and I are both very sporty, we have always played for a club. In spite of his height, Léo is a very good basketball player since he was a child. As far as I am concerned I quit soccer to become a tri-athlete specialised in endurance.

2 friends: We always get on. We are very close and united. We supplement each other thanks to our differences. Our friendship could be defined as two atypical personalities and this is our force.

Adventurer and Explorator: Work in Progress..