City of Blagnac, Official Sponsor.

February 19th 2016 – Bursary of young projects – Blagnac (31)

Partenaire PrincipalFor last months, we met many times the youth service of Blagnac city (Oxy’Jeune). The goal of this establishment is to support youth actions and guide them. In 2013, the bursary of young projects was born.

This bursary was an opportunity to finance our project and also to allow us to involve ourselves for a city. We sent an application and presented our project to the youth service. After deliberation, we were allocated the whole bursary : 1,000€.

We will be given this precious amount in April. It will be added to 5,000€ we already received from our partners and precious supports.

We thank the city of Blagnac and the youth service. Through this support, they become our official sponsor. We will collaborate together all along the project. When we will be back to France, we will work on projects to share our experience with young people from Blagnac. We will also present a public conference of our one year travel.

Blagnac JeunesTo obtain more information on this bursary : Contact the youth service.

Ludo & Léo.

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